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In July 2018, Realmay company participated in the Shenzhen International Intelligent retail and unsold exhibition.

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Suzhou Realmay Lightings Tech Co., Ltd. participated in the ISRE 2008 Shenzhen International Intelligent Retail Exposition and Unmanned Sales Exhibition / 10th International Internet of Things Exposition (Summer Exhibition). The exhibition ended successfully in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition lasted for three days. A total of 6,8216 professional visitors and 116,512 people visited the exhibition. The number of visitors increased by 45% compared with 2017. A large number of visitors queued up to enter the exhibition in the early morning. The exhibition was very popular and the products were well received. It was considered the best professional brand marketing and Exhibition for intelligent retail and unsold goods. Platform.
Suzhou Realmay Lightings Tech Co., Ltd. as a professional supplier of nano-silver high transparent electromagnetic shielding film for RFID shielding and nano-silver transparent conductive film for touch screen, has been outstanding in this exhibition, and has provided customers with high-quality and reliable products and technical solutions for many times, winning the trust and trust of our customers. Unanimous praise.

With professional R&D team and advanced industrial equipment, Realmay company has many years of R&D and industrialization experience in the field of RFID electromagnetic shielding. The products mainly adopt advanced film conductive technology, and use coil-to-coil precision coating method to spray transparent nano-silver ink on transparent organic film materials, and pass through a series of processes. The transparent conductive film obtained by post-processing has its own intellectual property rights. The product has passed the ISO 9001 and ROHS certification, mainly used in touch screen and RFID electromagnetic shielding and other fields. At present, the company has applied for more than 10 patents, the continuous innovation of the company team, to provide a strong technical support for the development of the company. With keen technical analysis and advanced market insight, the team leads the direction and trend of the industry market and provides the best products and technical solutions for each customer.

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