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Suzhou Realmay Lightings Tech co., Ltd is a technology enterprise that specializes in Compound Semiconductor Substrate Materials, Silver Nanowire High Transparent Electromagnetic Shielding Film Materials, New Electronic Packaging Materials technology development, production and sales. The company is located in the Wu Jiang District of Suzhou City, Pingwang zhonglu International Logistics Science Park. Realmay registered since 2013 March, the business is developing rapidly, throughout all the parts of the country Realmay work closely with every customer to provide high quality and reliable products and economically efficient solutions to meet the changing needs and dynamics of the market.

The company has a professional development team and advanced industrial equipments, with many Ph. D. and researchers. The team has many years of development and industrialization experience in semiconductor industry. At present, the company has applied for more than ten patents, and the continuous innovation of the company team provides strong technical support for the development of the company. The team with keen market analysis ability and to advance the trend of insight, led the industry direction and trend of the market. For every customer to provide high quality and reliable products and economically efficient solutions.

The name of Realmay stands for professionalism, efficiency, quality, innovation and reliability. Realmay motivates to build the famous national brand plan science and technology enterprise at home and abroad.



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