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LED industry "weathervane" three series of events officially launched

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In May 2018, 18 (Reuters)/pr newswire, sponsored by the smell of letter exhibition LED CHINA, founded in 2005, is one of the world started the earliest LED industry exhibition project, deep in the preceding ten years, guangzhou in 2015 with the need of strategic development, the overall move to upgrade to Shanghai, has a foothold Shanghai 4 years. After 14 years of cultivation and development, the LED CHINA brand has been renowned all over the world and is the preferred exhibition for industry manufacturers and buyers every year.

In response to the strong demand of both old and new customers, wenxin exhibition will add shenzhen station and Singapore station on the basis of the original Shanghai international LED exhibition in September. So far, LED CHINA has developed into a global LED industry "weathervane" three series of events:


The 14th Shanghai international LED exhibition (2018.9.19-21) -- the global high-end digital display event

2019 shenzhen international LED exhibition (2019.2.21-23) -- the world's most complete LED industry chain grand meetin


Singapore international LED exhibition 2019 (2019.6.18-20) - Asia radio, film and television display industry grand event

LED CHINA 2018·上海
LED CHINA 2018·上海

The 14th Shanghai international LED exhibition

The world's high-end digital display event

Time: September 19-21, 2018 location: Shanghai pudong new international expo center (no. 2345 longyang road)

LED CHINA Shanghai station will build high-end digital display and advertising lighting based on high - spec display platform. As the world's earliest LED fair in the field of advertising, LED CHINA Shanghai will also work with SIGN CHINA held at the same time, a total 9 big pavilion, will gather + 1200 exhibitors to compete, rendering from traditional advertising technology to high-end digital LED display, LED advertising lighting complete industry chain, digital signage, etc. In addition to leading the industry in high-end products, LED CHINA is the world's most international trade fair of its kind, attracting 32,645 professional buyers from 118 countries around the world in 2017.

At present, the pre-registration of LED CHINA· Shanghai has been fully opened, and the booth is also being booked. You can visit LED CHINA's official website for more details.


2019 shenzhen international LED exhibition

The world's most complete LED industry chain grand meeting

Time: Feb. 21-23, 2019 location: shenzhen convention and exhibition center (fuhua 3rd road, futian district)

Unlike Shanghai, LED station in shenzhen, CHINA is committed to become a one-stop sourcing platform, by advertising media, business retail, landscape architecture, security monitoring, video conference, broadcasting studio, stage performing arts, indoor and outdoor lighting and other industries to provide a solution. As China's most famous LED industry base in shenzhen, not only have many high quality LED display, LED lighting, LED advertising light source, LED encapsulation/chip/equipment manufacturers and supporting materials, and is critical in the world trade center, as the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge, connect Hong Kong high iron, pressure-pad-force channel large traffic engineering are enabled, such as convenient traffic will greatly improve the efficiency of procurement, to attract more international buyers come to shenzhen.

Singapore international LED exhibition 2019

Asia radio, film and television display field grand meeting

Time: June 18-20, 2019 location: Singapore xinda city convention and exhibition center

BroadcastAsia is recognized as Asia's largest radio and television industry event, the LED the BroadcastAsia, combining with the CHINA organizers, with UBM powerful resources advantages to act as the backing, for the LED enterprises to expand overseas market segments, to open new business opportunities. At the same time, the exhibition will hold BroadcastAsia 2019, CommunicAsia 2019 and NXTAsia 2019, covering an area of 67,000 square meters and nearly 1,000 exhibitors. It is expected that 40,000 professional buyers will be present.

Shanghai, shenzhen, Singapore, the global LED industry linkage "barometer" series event three stand, different position, the same goal: to build the global LED industry's top cooperation platform, power LED industry rapid development.

For more details, please visit the official website of the conference,

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