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Power engineers from China's top universities compete for the 2018 GaN SYSTEMS cup

作者:SystemMaster  date:2018-06-01 17:24:08

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on May 4, 2018 - the support power electronics industry's global innovation GaN (gallium nitride) field of power semiconductor world leader GaN Systems again sponsor well-known China power supply society (CPSS) design competition, the competition is going on, there are many from all over China's top universities of top class engineering team to participate in activities. The 4th GaN Systems cup continues to advance exciting advances in electric and electronic Systems that take advantage of the advantages of GaN transistors. .

GaN Systems have been around for many years to support the annual competition, with GaN transistor accelerate and promote the learning and development of high performance system design, including data, in order to solve center, renewable energy Systems, such as cars and consumer electronics applications demand the most demanding industry.

GaN Systems, chief executive Jim Witham said: "we are experiencing a revolution of power electronics, it is made up of smaller, lighter, lower cost and more efficient power system driven by growing demand. This is an exciting time for electrical engineers to challenge the opportunity to create new opportunities with GaN transistors or to improve existing design methods. We wish the teams good luck and look forward to seeing their design ideas in November!

The competition not only allows students to compete for prizes, but also gives them a real hands-on experience in designing and building GaN power transistors. This year's challenge is to use a transistor GaN system design of a low cost, high efficiency, high power density of the bidirectional DC converter, the output power is 400 w, the minimum efficiency of 95%, power density is greater than 20 w/in3. CPSS will announce the finalists on August 25, 2018, and announce the winning team and award ceremony on November 4-7, 2018 in shenzhen, China.

The contest was jointly organized by CPSS, the science popularization committee of the Chinese power supply society and nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics. For more information, please visit the CPSS competition page link:

About GaN Systems,

GaN Systems has the largest transistor is a portfolio of the world's largest GaN power semiconductor leading companies, is enough to meet today's data center server, renewable energy Systems, automotive, industrial electrical and consumer electronic products such as the most demanding industry demands.

As a market-leading innovator, GaN Systems makes it possible to design smaller, cheaper and more efficient power Systems. The company's award-winning products offer the opportunity to design systems from yesterday's silicon limitations. By changing the rules of transistor performance, GaN Systems can help power transformation companies radically transform their industries and transform the world.

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