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The company manufactures MOCVD equipment on a large scale in nanchang

作者:SystemMaster  date:2018-06-01 17:28:21

Nanchang will become a large-scale manufacturing base for China micro semiconductor equipment (Shanghai) co., LTD. (China micro) MOCVD equipment with independent intellectual property rights. On April 22, Yang wenbin, vice mayor of nanchang, and Yin zhiyao, chairman of zhongwei, respectively signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in nanchang on behalf of nanchang municipal government and zhongwei company. Nanchang municipal party committee secretary Yin beauty root, acting mayor of nanchang Liu Jianyang, national semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry league secretary-general Wu Ling league secretary-general, China LED industry and application white jade and witnessed the signing ceremony.

Micro according to bilateral cooperation agreement, the company will be in nanchang large-scale manufacturing MOCVD equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and constantly expand the scale of production, establish the nanchang high-tech zone to become the world's most important, the largest high-end MOCVD equipment manufacturing base; Advance in nanchang MOCVD related basic scientific research, including deep uv, power of three generations of semiconductor devices and Micro LED application product development, gradually will forge a has a significant influence both at home and abroad in nanchang Micro r&d platform and world class MOCVD research and development, manufacture and innovation center; Cooperate with the national silicon based LED engineering technology research center of nanchang university to accelerate the industrialization of original silicon substrate LED technology. Actively promote the micro production base and supply chain upstream and downstream enterprises settled in nanchang high-tech zone, attracting international first-class equipment and materials manufacturers, form a high-end semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry cluster.

At the signing ceremony, the company also signed a total of more than 200 MOCVD equipment sales contracts with zhaochi semiconductor co., dry photo optoelectronics co., jucan optoelectronics co., dehao runda co., LTD. At present, China and micro have settled in the nanchang high-tech zone and rented a workshop of 9000 square meters for interim production in the first phase. Now, partial production has been realized. The second phase of the project will begin construction in 2019.

Dr Gerald Yin commitment in speech, through close cooperation with nanchang government and development zone in nanchang to build micro equipment manufacturing base, and help to develop the nanchang semiconductor equipment and material base. At the same time, Dr. Yin also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Shanghai kechuang investment co., LTD., national integrated circuit development fund, xingorange capital co., LTD., wadden international and other Chinese and micro investors for their strong support to the company.

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